2022 SANS SOC Survey: Japan Focused Discussion

For five years, the SOC Survey has polled the cybersecurity community on security operations capabilities, technology, and staff. For the first time in 2022, the survey questions were translated into Japanese to reach previously unheard voices in cyber security. Companies use the SOC Survey to set staff size, decide on technology to procure (and to avoid), adjust capabilities offered, and formulate strategies to overcome persistent challenges.

Christopher Crowley will discuss the findings from this year's survey, with a focus on distinct characteristics of the responses from Japan based survey respondents. This will include topics such as: SOC capabilities, outsourcing, technology deployment and satisfaction with tools, staff number and roles, metrics, and the architecture deployed commonly in SOCs. For those interested in answering questions on their own, he will review the publicly shared data set, and Jupyter notebook which can be downloaded to perform your own assessment of the survey responses.

The talk will start with executive level trends and findings, move on to a more detailed discussion of details around cybersecurity technology, SOC outsourcing, and strategies for operational success. The talk will then become very technically detailed, discussing the python code used to perform the analysis. If you wish to download the SOC Survey, it's available from https://soc-survey.com.