2021 SANS Network Visibility and Threat Detection Survey

  • Thursday, 09 Dec 2021 1:00PM EST (09 Dec 2021 18:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Ian Reynolds, Don Shin, ExtraHop

Organizations continue to manage cloud migrations, the challenges of remote working and encrypted communications, the increased data connectivity to external vendors and an expanding range of connected devices, the complexity of the network increases. These changes may enable new business opportunities, but they may also complicate operational support, split existing teams, and ultimately impact security. This survey aims to understand the current state of visibility and the challenges that securing an evolving estate brings in modern organizations. How can organizations make better use of network data to detect threats and troubleshoot connectivity problems? In this webcast, we explore the issues and trends facing network and security teams to offer insight into improving security operations and gain a better understanding of how organizations have changed.

Attend this webcast to learn more about the:

  • Concerns over encrypted traffic
  • Most commonly used network security tools to detect and investigate threats.
  • Level of visibility into north-south and east-west traffic.
  • Confidence in network visibility to detect threats.
  • Use of network and packet data for detection.
  • Adoption of automation for visibility, detection, and response.


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