PowerShell Scripts Collection

This is a large collection of PowerShell scripts from SANS course SEC505 Securing Windows and PowerShell Automation.  The folders in the zip file are named after each section of the course.  There are scripts for PowerShell Remoting, OpenSSH for Windows, PowerShell Just Enough Admin (JEA), Active Directory, Local Admin Account management, WMI/CIM, Windows DNS, Windows Firewall, IPsec Zero Trust, Windows Services/Roles/Features, SMB Encryption, 802.11 Wireless, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Windows Audit Policies, and more.  The scripts to replace Microsoft LAPS are found in the zip in the \Day3\UpdatePasswords folder.  The slides from the System Informer/Process Hacker talk are in the \Extras folder of the zip download.  All of the scripts are free and in the public domain.

Jason Fossen