Cybersecurity Awareness Month - Ransomeware Toolkit

The SANS Cybersecurity Awareness Month Toolkit will enable you to quickly augment or improve your Security Awareness Program with additional tools developed by the SANS Security Awareness Community. In addition to an update to our Security Awareness Planning Toolkit, this version includes new resources aimed at mitigating the unique threat vector of Ransomware.

SANS Institute

Cybersecurity Awareness Month

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What's New in This Kit:

Ransomware's direct impact on business operations leaves organizations with little time to mitigate impact, restore systems, or even establish the extent of any damage before it's too late. The supplemental materials in this edition of our toolkit equip Security Awareness Professionals with the knowledge necessary to manage the threat of ransomware in a pragmatic and efficient manner.

In addition to Security Awareness Planning tools such as a sample project plan, detailed metrics matrix, and annual program schedule, your kit includes:

  • NIST Ransomware Risk Management Framework to support the security objectives that support identifying, protecting against, detecting, responding to, and recovering from ransomware events
  • SANS Security Awareness Factsheet to reinforce positive behavior in the fight against ransomware
  • Shareable Ransomware Newsletter to communicate ransomware preparedness best practices amongst your security leadership
  • Ransomware Communications Template to guide internal messaging throughout your organization

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