Cisco just released their Annual Security Report for 2010.  I found this to be one of the best written annual security reports I have read in a while.  The format is very easy to read and instead of providing useless statistics, the report provides analysis and intelligence.  You get a real feel for what the current threats are and where they are going.  One of the very first risks that Cisco focuses on is the exploitation of trust, or hacking the human.  The reason for this is as operating systems become more secure, the human becomes the weakest link.  The image to your left is an excellent overview in the report of human vulnerabilities (click on image for larger version).  I like this list because Cisco provides real examples of how each weaknesses is exploited.  The report goes on to say that targeting the human will continue to be a main attack vector for 2011, however cyber attackers will start becoming more selective in who they target and how.  From the trends I have seen, I have to agree. You can download the full report here.