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  • The State of Cloud Security: Results of the SANS 2020 Cloud Security Survey by Thomas (TJ) Banasik - January 21, 2021 

    This paper is an in-depth look at how the definition of cloud security is evolving with new capabilities, such as network detection response (NDR). It explores digital transformation motivations as organizations move into various hybrid, cloud, and multi-cloud environments. It also looks at how cloud security architects use cybersecurity tools to build security operations architectures and the considerations respondents evaluate when making cybersecurity tooling decisions. As the COVID-19 pandemic pushes humankind toward a fifth industrial revolution (5IR)--with greater reliance on security to enable remote workforce productivity--we will explore how protection is evolving from traditional perimeter-based networks to zero trust architectures. The paper's primary goal is to better understand if customers feel cloud-native security tooling is equivalent to industry-leading security tools and what drives decisions behind customer adoption.

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