Sudeep Padiyar

Sudeep Padiyar is very passionate about cloud native security and feels the technology we are building at Traceable AI will be the foundation for DevSecOps, API Security and Observability for years to come. Prior to joining Traceable he was at Palo Alto Networks where he started CN-Series - the industry’s first Kubernetes next gen firewall, lead automation initiatives for cloud security and managed cloud network security products. He started his career as an engineer at Cisco building core routers and switched to Product Management for Data Center switching after his MBA from Santa Clara University.

When he is not thinking about technology he likes to coach his kids’ soccer team, play tennis and go for hikes in the SF bay area. He is into teas and likes to brew everything from Masala chai to loose leaf Jasmine tea. He lives in Sunnyvale with his wife and two kids.