Scott Scheferman

Mr. Scheferman is a mission-driven 20+ year cyber security industry professional with a strong reputation for effective leadership, exceptional public speaking, candid thought leadership, and the proven ability to shape and shift industry outlook. He is an advisor and confidant to many.

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Mr. Scheferman keeps a hyper-current beat on the threat landscape and how it continues to fundamentally change business/mission cyber risk dynamics. Battle-hardened from years of red-teaming, incident response and cyber consulting, and having served as the technical lead and final security risk determination for the Navy’s Certification Authority (thousands of systems per year, with over 800 validators and 30 risk analysts feeding these risk determinations), he draws his perspective from significant real-world high-stakes (multi-billion dollar programs and Fortune 10 enterprise) experience. He is the founder of Armanda Intelligence, LLC, with a mission of providing CxO/board advisement, strategy and threat intelligence. Currently, Principal Strategist for Eclypsium, Inc.