Meaghan Roper

Meaghan Roper is Joining the Sans Family as a Product Manager of Accessibility. Meaghan has worked in the accessibility industry for over 10 years, working to educate folks in best practices for accessibility and usability and to help drive compliance for companies and organizations across all verticals. Meaghan completed a Master of Arts in Education Transformation with a focus in Policy and Advocacy from Georgetown University in 2019, and since then has used her policy and education coupled with her love of technology and working with people to spread awareness about accessibility and inclusivity on the web and everywhere else.

More About Meaghan


Meaghan recently presented a learning session on Accessible Online Conferencing at CSUN in 2021 and hosted a webinar on Disability Etiquette and Awareness in the workforce in May 2021. Meaghan looks forward to learning and growing with the Sans team to drive accessibility across products and services and create the most inclusive user experience possible 

Meaghan was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts  and was a D.C. transplant for a few years, fostering her love of the DMV area. After returning to Boston in 2020, Meaghan settled in Medford near Tufts University. In her spare time, Meaghan loves listening to podcasts, reading audiobooks, exercising and attending live concerts. Meaghan spends much of her free time investigating the newest assistive technologies on the market and volunteering in her community to work with children, families and seniors on learning how to access the web and the real-world  with various AT tools and methods