Jack Clark

Jack is Senior Engineer at REDLattice, a provider of technology and services for CNO and non-traditional mission support including vulnerability research, tool development, malware analysis, and reverse engineering. Over his career, he’s amassed experience in so many facets of computer and electrical engineering, that he can confidently build every part of an end-to-end system; the circuit board, the firmware on the board, the communication between devices, the interface to all modern OSes, and the interface to configure the system. Jack teaches for SANS as an instructor for SEC760: Advanced Exploit Development for Penetration Testers.

More About Jack


SEC760 is SANS most advanced course, so Jack tries to keep the classroom atmosphere light and informal to encourage students to ask all questions they may have. Whether he is working or helping others learn, he enjoys walking others through each step, explaining everything as he goes. He admits, “it’s as much for me as for others, because it helps me re-see the problem and helps me think.” His tenacious dedication afforded him the opportunity of working on a QRC team where he developed embedded code one day, a web page another day, a C# GUI on another day, he’d reverse engineer a program, several Windows command line tools, and then a program for an old version of Free BSD, all within 30 days.

Jack loves sharing some of the hardest subjects in exploitation with others. Most of these subjects would take years of studying and researching to find all the necessary nuggets to teach yourself. He says, “These advance subjects are attainable here at SANS, because they find all the nuggets for you and present them in a easy to learn way. This ensures you on your way to becoming an expert in your field faster.”

Jack also enjoys challenging hobbies when he’s not busy with complex computer engineering and security projects. He’s into carpentry, welding, PCB manufacturing, 3D modeling and printing, CNC (Laser and Milling), making gadgets, hiking, and repairing anything really. “Basically I love the outdoors, building and fixing anything.”