Veteran Cyber Academy Australia - Application Details

The deadline for applications was 30th November 2021

Why apply to the Veteran Cyber Academy?

Exceptional. There’s no other word for it.” - 2015 Cyber Academy stu

If you have an interest in IT or IT security, or are looking for something exciting and challenging, the Veteran Cyber Academy could be for you. Due to a significant lack of skilled and trained practitioners, cybersecurity is currently a very in-demand profession, offering interesting and vital work, excellent earning potential and stable career paths with flexible opportunities across multiple industries. Aimed at candidates with little or no prior knowledge of cybersecurity, there are no skill-related barriers to Academy entry*.

The Veteran Cyber Academy is a fully funded training program aimed at encouraging new talent into the cybersecurity sector by providing the necessary experience and training to embark on a successful security career. The Academy draws on SANS Institute's extensive experience in cybersecurity education and development, as well as the ongoing success of Allectum in supporting Australian veterans to transition into civilian IT careers.

* Please read the application criteria under the Who can apply? section.

Who is eligible for the Veteran Cyber Academy?
  • Aged 18 and over
  • Not currently working in information security or with prior work experience in an information security position outside of the military
  • Able to attend the full 16 weeks of the Academy (21st February – 10th June 2022)
  • Available for employment following successful graduation from the Academy
  • Willing to engage with potential government and corporate employers introduced by SANS and Allectum
  • Willing to undergo any necessary security clearance checks
  • Reliable Internet connection

Participants must also fall into one of the following categories:
  • A former ADF or SERCAT 1-5 member
  • A current spouse of any former ADF members
  • A current spouse of any SERCAT 1-7 members

Who can’t apply for the Veteran Cyber Academy?
  • Current serving SERCAT 6-7 members
  • Current ICT security professionals

What is the expected commitment to the Veteran Cyber Academy?

The Veteran Cyber Academy is an intensive, 16-week program, consisting of three high-quality training courses and three associated exams. You will be expected to commit 40+ hours of study time to each course, as well as attending soft skills development sessions and employer engagements, some of which will take place during weekday evenings. The Veteran Cyber Academy is a significant time commitment, and you should be aware of the challenges and demands involved before applying.

What will you learn?

The Academy provides graduates with an in-depth foundation on which to build a successful career and progress within the field of cybersecurity.

Key areas covered:
  • Technology fundamentals
  • Security essentials
  • Enterprise infrastructure
  • OS security
  • Virtualisation and cloud infrastructure security
  • Compliance audit and risk
  • Incident response
  • Forensics
  • Penetration testing and ethical hacking

The program ensures students have a solid grasp of technology and computing fundamentals, skills that many of today’s practitioners often lack. You will also be introduced to more advanced material, gaining hands-on experience in finding vulnerabilities and intrusions, based on real-life incidents.

  • The cost of the program is covered
  • Learn from world-renowned instructors
  • Experience hands-on technical tuition
  • Gain globally recognised certifications
  • Engage directly with a diverse range of employers with the potential for being placed into a cybersecurity role


Veteran Cyber Academy Schedule

View the full schedule Veteran Cyber Academy schedule via the button below! The schedule is broken down into course study, exams and extra-curricular activities. 


Application process

If you have any queries regarding the program, the application process, or wish to discuss any potential barriers that may prevent you from fully participating in the Academy, or the initial aptitude assessment, please email