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Our live training has evolved to meet your needs, giving you the flexibility to achieve your cyber security education goals from anywhere. Connect with your course, labs, instructor, peers, and community from wherever you want to be.

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There’s no better way to see our top instructors in action, evaluate the subject matter and course difficulty level than through our course demos. Click on Course Details to see a course demo and discover the course’s availability in our different training formats. Just make sure you’re logged into your SANS portal account to access them. Here are some courses to get you started.

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    The real value of this training lies at the intersection of quality content and delivery by a subject-matter expert actively working in the field, making it incredibly relevant and immediately applicable to my job.
    P. Watson
    - Microsoft Corp
    Having an SME instructor with tons of real-world experience makes the course material easy to digest, and the Live Online platform is the best platform I've experienced!
    Jeremy Swanson
    - ManTech
    This *really* pulled a lot together for me, and its been hugely valuable - I know parts of this are going to impact my approach to my work from my first day back.
    Merewyn Boak
    - Apple
    Everything from the instructor to the platform to the labs & materials were great. It all fit together and made this Live Online learning process go smooth. GoToTraining & Slack worked great! I wouldn’t change a thing.
    Robert L.
    - US Federal Agency
    SANS training keeps individuals up-to-date with relevant cyber security information. I can now apply the skills learned towards further maturing my program.
    Nicholas Marriott
    - Pfizer
    The best part of SANS training is the absolute knowledge of the instructors. They bring real-world examples to the forefront and have their thumb on the pulse of current tactics used by attackers.
    Jessie Prevost
    - Trend Micro
    SANS training is very valuable because it focuses on what really matters and provides practical and easy ways to improve your security posture.
    Antonio Sannino
    - P&G
    The labs are giving me a chance to see the course content first hand and interact with it. It's doing a good job of letting me play with it and really seeing how the tools and methodologies work.
    Ryan Moeller
    - Eureka Strategic Consulting