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Connect with SANS | GIAC at RSA Conference 2023

Booth S-4416 | April 24-27 | San Francisco, CA | Moscone Center Register by March 24 to save up to $900. SANS members save an additional $150 on a Full Conference Pass using code 1U3SANSFD.

Building Experts, Securing Organizations — Together

When it comes to protecting the cyber domain in an era of unprecedented challenges, no one goes it alone. We build on the diverse knowledge and experiences within the cyber community — exchanging ideas, best practices, and bravely examining our shortcomings —all in pursuit of a singular purpose: to make the world a safer place. We can only achieve this by working together. Once again, we are excited to lead multiple trainings and presentations from top SANS instructors at this year's RSA Conference. Stay tuned for a schedule of our planned activities, and be sure to visit us at Booth S-4416!

Register by March 24 to save up to $900. SANS members save an additional $150 on a Full Conference Pass. Simply click Here or the Learn More button below and follow the registration prompts, and before checking out, enter promo code 1U3SANSFD in order to receive your discount.

SANS Powerhouse Panel Keynote Returns

One of the highlights of RSA Conference each year is the authoritative briefing SANS provides on The Five Most Dangerous New Attack Techniques in use today, what's coming next, and what organizations can do to prepare. The goal of this Keynote is to give organizations a chance to prioritize upcoming attack vectors and to get ahead of them.

See how the most dangerous attacks have evolved over the years.


NetWars Tournament

Accept the challenge at SANS Core NetWars Tournament in the RSAC 2023 Learning Lab, April 26, 2023, from 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM PT, and go head-to-head with your peers in this gamified, hands-on environment featuring SANS NetWars Core Version 8. Core 8’s 100% browser-based, multi-level challenges allow players to practice or develop skills in areas such as cloud security, DNS analysis, regular expressions, malware analysis, network traffic analysis, kerberoasting, and vulnerability exploitation to name a few. Register now for RSAC 2023 Full Conference Pass and save $150 with code 1U3SANSFD.

Learn the Latest Trends, Threats, and Solutions at These RSAC SANS Sessions

Expand your cybersecurity knowledge through traditional and interactive sessions covering a wide range of topics.
Speaker ProfilesPresentationDate
Jess Garcia - Founder, One eSecurity; SANS Senior InstructorHunting Stealth Adversaries with Graphs & AIApril 24
Lenny Zeltser - CISO, Author, Instructor - Axonius, SANS Fellow

Yael Nagler
Whoa, You've Been the CISO for 3 Years at Your Firm - Now What?April 24
Eric Johnson - SANS Principal InstructorDestroying Long-Lived Credentials with Workload Identity FederationApril 24

Jorge Orchilles - Instructor, Author, Purple Team Ambassador, SANS

Attack, Detect and Respond with the C2 Matrix and Multiple C2 Frameworks

April 25

Jorge Orchilles - Instructor, Author, Purple Team Ambassador, SANSPurple is the New Red - Providing the Most Value from Offensive SecurityApril 25

Mattia Epifani - CEO & Digital Forensics Analyst, Reality Net; SANS Certified Instructor

Forensic Analysis of Apple IoT Devices (Apple TV, Watch, HomePod, HomeKit)

April 26
James Tarala - Principal Consultant, Enclave Security; SANS Certified InstructorCrucial Cyber Hygiene Defenses for 2023April 26
Steve Sims - SANS Faculty Fellow & Offensive Operations Curriculum Lead, SANS Institute

Erik Van Buggenhout - Co-founder, NVISO; SANS Senior Instructor
Building the Always-On Purple TeamApril 26
Steve SimsFinding Vulnerabilities Through Static Analysis and ScriptingApril 26
Kevin Garvey - Associate Instructor, SANS Institute

Abhilasha Bhargav-Spantzel - Partner Security, Microsoft

Emy Dunee - Director of Security & Incident Management, FirstBank

Brandon Pugh - Director and Resident Senior Fellow, R Street Institute
Strategic Approaches to Growing TalentApril 26
Chris Elgee - Senior Security Analyst, Counter Hack; Design Lead, SANS Core Netwars TournamentA CISO's Best Friend: The PentesterApril 27
Jason Jordaan - Principal Forensic Analyst, DFIRLABS; SANS Certified InstructorApplying Forensic Engineering in Cybersecurity IncidentsApril 27
Brandon Evans - Independent Consultant / Certified Instructor, SANS InstituteCloud Agnostic or Devout? How Cloud Native Security Varies in EKS/AKS/GKEApril 27
Megan Roddie - Senior Security Engineer, SANS DFIR Faculty

Josh Lemon - Director of Global Managed Protection, Uptycs, SANS Certified Instructor
DFIR Evidence Collection and Preservation for the CloudApril 27
David J. Bianco - Principal Cybersecurity Engineer, Target; SANS Certified InstructorTrust Unearned? Evaluating CA Trustworthiness Across 2 Billion CertificatesApril 27

Ed Skoudis - President, SANS Technology Institute

Steve Sims - SANS Faculty Fellow & Offensive Operations Curriculum Lead, SANS Institute

Johannes Ullrich - Dean of Research, SANS Technology Institute

Heather Mahalik - DFIR Curriculum Lead and Director of Digital Intelligence, SANS Institute and Cellebrite

Katie Nickels - Certified Instructor and Director of Intelligence, SANS Institute and Red Canary

Keynote: The Five Most Dangerous New Attack Techniques 

April 26