Federal Year-End Budget Spending Programs

Federal Budget Programs

SANS makes it easy to utilize end-of-year fallout funding for cybersecurity training and certifications required for specific job classifications. Explore SANS Federal spending options and training and certification guidance below.

"During the course of my 9+ year Air Force career, every unit I supported received EOY fallout money. As a contracting officer, I was able to see it all play out. If your unit is set to get some EOY FY20 fallout money, utilize some of those funds for cybersecurity training. How well you train your people is how well they can protect this great nation. SANS added a lot of NEW courses, including Security, DFIR, Pentest, Cloud, and Management!" - Former USAF Contracting Officer

For proposals, questions, and additional assistance, contact FederalTeam@sans.org or 301-654-SANS (7267).

3 Simple Steps to Plan Your SANS End-of-Year Fallout Money

Step 1: Identify Your Requirements

Discover our Federal Programs, Career Training, and GIAC Certification Roadmaps:

Step 2: Determine Your Training Format

Check out three great ways to experience SANS training, all taught by our world-class instructors:

  • Live Online: Live streaming classes direct from instructors
  • OnDemand: Self-paced instruction with subject-matter expert support
  • In-Person: Training events with select courses delivered over one week of full-day sessions

Step 3: Procure Your Training

Determine the right method of payment for both single-seat and large group purchases. Your payment options include:

Benefits of the SANS Voucher Program

  • Simplify the procurement process with a single invoice and payment
  • Lock-in your hard-fought training budget and utilize within a 12-month term
  • Control how, where, and for whom funds are spent
  • Access management reporting such as Transaction Reports, OnDemand Progress, and GIAC Success reports all from a central location
  • Allow employees to register for training while managing approvals centrally
  • Easily change course attendees if plans change

Learn More about the SANS Voucher Program

Need Help?

Discover everything you need to build, develop, and manage your cybersecurity team, including team and individual development programs, skill assessment/validation, and cyber ranges. Learn more about SANS Solutions for Cyber Security Managers.

Schedule a meeting with a SANS Training Advisor to learn more about Federal spending programs and to leverage SANS workforce development solutions to build a high-performing team.

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