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Empowering Cybersecurity Excellence: Unleashing the SANS-Cisco Partnership

Welcome to the ultimate hub for cybersecurity excellence! Discover the dynamic collaboration between SANS and Cisco, forging a powerful alliance to cultivate a robust cybersecurity culture. Our microsite provides an array of exceptional tools and resources, empowering you to stay ahead of ever-evolving threats. Explore an extensive range of training opportunities, dive into FAQs for expert insights, and elevate your skills through GIAC certifications and renewals. Embrace the future of cybersecurity and unlock endless possibilities with us.

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Skills Roadmap

1. BASELINE SKILLSiCourses that impart the baseline skills required of any information security professional, whether active practitioners (Core Techniques) or managers (Security Management).
2. FOCUS JOB ROLESiCourses that prepare professionals for more focused job functions like Monitoring & Detection, Vulnerability Analysis & Pen Testing, or Forensics & Incident Response.
3. CRUCIAL SKILLS, SPECIALIZED ROLESiCourses that prepare professionals for more focused job functions like Monitoring & Detection, Vulnerability Analysis & Pen Testing, or Forensics & Incident Response.
Offensive Operations
Penetration Testing, Offensive Security
Incident Response & Threat Hunting
Host & Network Forensics
Threat Intel & Forensics
Specialized Investigative Skills

Train & Certify

Throughout this site, you will find a complete list of Training Courses, GIAC Certifications, Assessments, Cyber Ranges and Free Resources to sharpen your cyber skills and develop your career. Here are some quick links to items that may be of interest to you.

What fellow Cisco Employees have to say…

Mindblowing!! If you are a traditional security architect, tip-toeing around the DevOps/CICD buzzwords, get into SEC540, which gets you into the depths of DevSecOps and sets you up for the future!!
I would recommend SEC537 to any blue team member, as learning how to automate and leverage OSINT are huge to the blue team tool set. The content and labs are awesome, and the instructor added real-world experiences.
FOR585 is the best mobile forensics course I have ever taken. You're drinking from a fire hose every day, but now you're one step ahead of the bad guys.
I started SEC488 with nearly no knowledge of cloud services, and now I am all pumped up to try out what I've learned!
If you want to be good at something, find the best there is at the topic and learn from them. I feel very privileged to be able to learn this content from Rob Lee. He is just amazing!

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