Learn how to defend against supply chain attacks with product security testing

Attackers are using new methods of compromising software supply chains that bypass traditional security controls on products spanning multiple attack surfaces. SEC568 is a complete training program designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to execute product security assessments through deeply technical risk analysis.

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Who Should Attend SEC568?

This course is useful both for individuals looking to enter the product security testing domain and those who seek to formalize and expand their skills in this area while focusing on combating supply chain attacks. Both attack-focused and defense-focused security practitioners will be interested in this course by gaining a deep understanding of how to perform an effective product security assessment. This course enhances the skills of not only penetration testers and defenders, but is applicable to those designing and implementing corporate security controls in networks and endpoints across many verticals (automotive, healthcare, consumer electronics, industrial instrumentation, smart home, etc.)

Important Dates

Refund Date
June 25, 2023