Someone to Watch Over You: A Review of CrowdStrikes Falcon OverWatch

  • Tuesday, 19 Nov 2019 1:00PM EST (19 Nov 2019 18:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Joe Sullivan, Scott Taschler

Threat hunting is a key function of any successful security operation, leveraging knowledge of attacker techniques, sources of threat intelligence, access to deep and broad telemetry, and round-the-clock vigilance to see and stop the most advanced attacks. Falcon OverWatch ' provides a team of expert threat hunters to uncover threats that can get past automated, machine-driven detection. This team engages on-premises security teams in real time, enabling response before the threats become full-on-breaches.

In this webcast, Joe Sullivan reviews OverWatch and how it responds to credential theft, lateral movement and defense evasion incidents. Specifically, attendees at this webcast will learn about:

  • Ways in which OverWatch can help organizations overcome threat hunting staffing concerns
  • How OverWatch can provide threat detection earlier in the attack flow, making incident response faster and more effective
  • How the feedback loop established between organizations and the OverWatch team works to address threats in real time

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