Vertical Series: Cybersecurity in a modern world - Financial Services

Within the financial services industry, the Security Operations Center (SOC) has not been able to keep up with the speed of innovation. Protecting critical financial systems against modern adversaries in an increasingly complex world paired with the never-ending regulatory challenges has proven to be a barrier to modernizing the SOC. The cloud transformation has further exacerbated the gap between what attackers see and what defenders know. Customers across the board have shared the challenges:

• Too many vendors, data sources, alerts, and false positives
• A never-ending talent shortage and lack of cloud expertise
• The rise of ransomware and highly capable attackers

While Google Cloud and other industry-leading Security Operations teams have resilient infrastructure and hyper-active defense capabilities, this has been far from reality for the majority of enterprises. In this session, Iman Ghanizada (Global Security Solutions Manager, Google), Jason Sloderbeck (VP, Business Development, CYDERES), and John Giglio ( Senior Manager, Cloud Security, SADA) join forces to discuss a tangible path to modernize your SOC through the new, Autonomic Security Operations approach.