Unbreak my Heart Lessons learned for building better medical devices while troubleshooting my pacemaker

  • Wednesday, 04 Nov 2020 10:30AM EST (04 Nov 2020 15:30 UTC)
  • Speaker: Veronica Schmitt

Join me for an in-depth conversation covering my journey from lethal forensicator to patient and through to security researcher. In the traditional sense digital forensics and incident response (DF/IR) is done post-mortem. These processes are instrumental in handling any ongoing breach and in preserving the evidence, in order to do a root-cause analysis afterwards. With Covid-19 having taken the world by storm, many physicians and healthcare professionals have become even more dependent on remote monitoring and telehealth. This talk will focus on the very varied ecosystem and will cover a wide variety of devices in order to identify potential evidence sources and their weaknesses for medical / healthcare forensics. As we move into the digital age with our healthcare we have become dependent on these devices, relying on them to prolong our lives. So, to better prepare for the future we are heading towards, an in-depth root-cause analysis should be done on the maturity of these devices so we can be sure they will keep up with the demands. We will focus on a few areas that need improvement - especially during the development of these devices - and we will apply forensic sciences to better ensure the correct level of maturity throughout the development cycle of them. '