The Internet Storm Center: How to Use and How to Contribute Data

For about 20 years, the Internet Storm Center has offered terabytes of data to the community to help you understand attacks you are seeing and assist you in augmenting your logs or, as we often put it, "add color" to your network logs.

In this keynote, we will introduce some of our volunteer handlers who contribute their insight in daily diaries (you will also learn why we call it a "dairy" and not a "blog"). In addition, we will walk you through our site, our APIs, and the different reports and feature we offer to help you make your job easier. We provide all the data we collect as soon as we receive it for free to the community. We will discuss some of the use cases and how not to use the data.

Are you interested in contributing? We will demonstrate the latest version of our honeypot. We will have a hands-on session showing how to install the honeypot in your home network and explaining how you and the whole family can enjoy the data. Packet night with the family will never be the same!