Survey of Integrity Verification Solutions, Local and Remote Attestation

  • Friday, 09 Mar 2018 3:30PM EST (09 Mar 2018 20:30 UTC)
  • Speakers: Ben Gardiner, Colin DeWinter

In connected mobility systems, the need for attestation as a security control against tampering arises for various reasons. To detect code modification, to detect the modification of immutable data (such as Root CAs), to assert whether clients are worthy of trust, etc. In our capacity as experts on the subject of local attestation, we would like to share a review of the public research on the remote and local attestation solutions available both freely and commercially. We will not be disclosing any original research; rather, a'literature review' of details known about some select attestation systems will be presented. e.g. Windows, OSX, iOS, Android, Linux -- both local (where applicable) and remote. Attendees should leave with a better understanding of * what are the criteria one should use to evaluate remote attestation technologies? local attestation as well? * in what cases is remote attestation not possible? * what is required to deploy robust local attestation technologies?

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