SOC, Meet Cloud. Cloud, Meet SOC. What Changes - and What Stays the Same?

Cloud changes everything, including how we do threat detection and incident response in the SOC. As we continue to transform our attack surfaces – with expanding cloud environments, multi-cloud, public and private cloud, and the proliferation of SaaS -- how do we make sure our security strategies are keeping pace?

In this thought-provoking webinar with Anton Chuvakin, sponsored by CardinalOps, we’ll examine critical questions such as:

• How does the cloud change our organizational culture and mindset?

• How can cloud-native SIEMs augment and co-exist with traditional SIEMs?

• How does it change how we develop SIEM detection content?

• Which new data sources should be sent to the SIEM?

• What are the differences in identity and access management (IAM)? SOAR?

• How do we guard against introducing “accidental complexity”?

• What new skills are required?