Purple Teaming: The Pen-Test Grows Up

  • Thursday, 22 Aug 2019 3:30PM EDT (22 Aug 2019 19:30 UTC)
  • Speaker: Bryce Galbraith

With 20+ years of experience in the ethical hacking field, and a few million miles, I've seen a lot. As a consultant, I've seen firsthand the inner workings of organizations across the industry sectors. As an instructor, I've had the unique privilege of conversing with thousands of professionals from around the world. I've seen their faces, I've heard their stories, I've felt their frustrations.

I've spent my entire career studying adversarial Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) to seek understanding, so I can help others understand how adversaries do what they do. I've learned many things along the way. Including, not to sugar-coat harsh realities sometimes. So, here goes...

1. If you're relying on an annual pen-test and traditional static defenses to defend against advanced adversaries - you're toast.

2. If your Red and Blue Teams see each other as the adversary and measure their success by the other's failure - you're toast.

3. If compliance is the goal - you're burnt toast.

But, with a few adjustments and a change in alignment, organizations can begin to effectively prevent, detect, and respond to real-world TTPs through adversary emulation and Purple Teaming!

This webcast will cover:

  • Why your annual pen-test is a recipe for disaster, and what you can do about it.
  • Why many Red and Blue Teams are ineffective despite their efforts, and how to turn this around.
  • Several real-world TTPs that adversaries utilize (including demos) to completely dominate organizations, shockingly fast.
  • How to begin to perform adversary emulation and Purple Teaming.
  • Several helpful tools and resources you can begin to explore immediately...

As Einstein wisely stated, 'Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. '

There is a better way...