How to Prevent One Hundred Percent of Browser-Borne Malware

  • Thursday, 02 Oct 2014 1:00PM EDT (02 Oct 2014 17:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: Franklyn Jones

Stop Trying to Detect Browser-Borne Malware Attacks. Start Isolating AllMalware Instead. Join Us to Find Out How.

It is becoming quite clear that all detection technologies no matter howadvanced they claim to be are becoming increasingly ineffective inprotecting businesses from disruptive and costly cyber attacks. This isespecially true of browser-borne malware, which has become the primarythreat vector for cyber attacks on businesses.

These attacks should not be surprising, given the inherent vulnerabilitiesof all browsers, combined with their relatively unrestricted path to theInternet over ports 80/443. But what is surprising and very worrisome isthat these attacks are able to bypass multiple layers of advanced detectiontechnologies at the gateway and endpoint. Clearly, adding yet another layerof detection technology is not an effective solution.

So what can you do?

OK, here's some good news. Spikes Security, an innovative VC-backed start-uphas developed a breakthrough security solution that prevents 100% ofbrowser-borne malware attacks. That includes known malware, zero-days,APTs, polymorphic threats all of it! How? The secret is in the product'spatented isolation technology, which keeps all malware securely outside yournetwork.

Join us for an informative webcast that will highlight both the problem andthe solution in more detail. This is game-changing technology that will makeyou think different about network security.