Predicting Cyber Security Trends in 2016

  • Tuesday, 15 Dec 2015 11:00AM EST (15 Dec 2015 16:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: Tim (TK) Keanani

As we reach the end of 2015, it is time again to make security predictionsfor the next year and evaluate our predictions from 2015 to see what wegot right, what we got wrong and what surprised us.

2015 was another big year for data breaches. We saw attacks targetinginsurance companies, adult dating sites, surveillance technologydevelopers and U.S. federal agencies. These breaches and other trendsoffer some insight into what we can expect in 2016, which is alreadyshaping up to be another challenging year in cyber security.

Join TK Keanini, Chief Technology Officer of Lancope, as he looks back onthis year in cyber security and makes predictions on what challenges toexpect in 2016.