Pen-Testing Smart Contracts to Stop The Next Poly Network Hack

Discussion of the Poly Network hack and implications to DeFi Security vulnerabilities, auditing, and how to pen test them. For a breakdown of how the hack happened, speaker Steven Walboehl does an extensive code analysis in the Halborn video Biggest Hack In Crypto History Poly Network Hack ( that can be viewed prior to this webcast.

Recent Events:

  • What happened in the Poly Network Hack?
  • What vulnerabilities allowed them to steal the funds?
  • Does this sort of thing happen often in DeFi?
  • How would you protect something like this from happening again?

General Discussion:

  • What makes Blockchain / Smart Contract Security unique from the rest of cyber security?
  • Do you see these vulnerabilities (like the one in Poly Network) when you audit smart contracts?
  • What other kinds of vulnerabilities are there you commonly find in your audits?

Career Impact:

  • What is the work like in a Cybersecurity firm focused on Blockchain?
  • Do you see the discipline growing, and the demand increasing for Smart Contract testers?
  • How would one learn how to hack smart contracts?