OSINT Summit 2022 Bonus Session

OSINT investigators are the first to remark in their social media posts that the field of OSINT is not one ruled by tools but one augmented by it. Tools can be used to automate routine processes and extract data, but it is the analysis of that data that is key in generating that final piece of intelligence. One of the most reliable methods of learning how and when to apply various tools and techniques is to listen to the stories of success and failure from others in the OSINT industry. Join us today to learn from two industry experts in this bonus session for the SANS OSINT Summit!

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Agenda | Thursday, April 7, 2022 | 12:15 PM - 1:15 PM EDT



12:15 PM

Incorporating Vehicle Data into OSINT Investigations

There are 287 million vehicles registered on the road in the U.S., equating to roughly 872 vehicles per 1000 people. Vehicles are intrinsically linked to our way of life and are rarely found far from their owners, with infrastructure designed around their heavy use. Therefore, identifying the vehicle that the subject of an investigation owns, has access to, or is in possession of, can provide valuable insight into their location and lifestyle. Skopenow’s Steve Adams will break down the value of vehicle records to investigators and will showcase techniques to collect vehicle information during an investigation.

Steve Adams, Manager, Skopenow

12:45 PM

Expanding Your Intelligence Capabilities When You Can’t Expand Your Team

Threat intelligence in today’s world requires absorbing massive amounts of information, quickly identifying what is relevant, and being able to action that information quickly. Keeping up is challenging, especially when CTI teams are generally under-staffed and under pressure. How can you be more efficient and deliver more intelligence, even when you can’t add another analyst to your team? In this presentation, we’ll cover seven best practices you can implement on your own, or across your team.

Chris Pickard, Cybersecurity Customer Success Manager, Feedly



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At this year’s OSINT Summit, you’ll have the chance to learn, connect, and share with thousands of cybersecurity professionals in attendance from around the globe. No matter your background or skill level, you’ll walk away from the Summit with interesting perspectives and case studies that challenge assumptions and result in a shift in your understanding.

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