NoSQL Doesnt Make you NoVulnerable

SQL Injection has long been the most talked about and feared vulnerability for web applications. With web applications using SQL databases for persistent storage, it provided an easy to exploit vulnerability to bypass authorization logic and to access and manipulate data. Modern web applications on the other hand do often avoid SQL databases. Instead, a new family of databases often referred to as \NoSQL" is used for their speed and simplicity. But with new powers, developers and system administrators protecting web applications must learn about new responsibilities. NoSQL databases often use complex data structures like JSON and XML. Proper serialization techniques and input validation still must be used to keep your data safe. In addition, these databases are often deployed without proper controls. This webcast is not just aimed at developers, but as much at systems administration and operations who often are tasked with keeping these environments safe. We will discuss some known vulnerabilities common to web applications supported by NoSQL databases, as well as configuration choices, and attacks performed against these databases. Coding, configuration choices as well as attack detection techniques will be discussed.