Monitoring the Most Interesting Network in the World: Insights from the Black Hat NOC

  • Thursday, 22 Sep 2016 11:00AM EDT (22 Sep 2016 15:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Neil R. Wyler, Scott Carter

As one of the most advanced threat environments out there, the Black Hat NOC is the ultimate test for analysts and the tools they use to detect threats. Hear the details about what happened there, firsthand, from the RSA experts who monitored the flurry of network activity.

This webcast will provide insight into the attack tactics the team witnessed and the challenges they faced when monitoring a new environment they didn't understand. You'll hear about:

  • Mini case studies: Specific threats the team faced and how they addressed them
  • The technology they used to detect and respond to the threats
  • Best practices that apply to threat detection and response in SOCs everywhere

Don't miss this opportunity to get the inside scoop on real-world threat scenarios and how experts deal with them on the fly. Attend this webcast to help you and your organization detect and respond faster than ever to increasingly sophisticated threats.