Modern AppSec at Scale: Bridging the Gap Between Development and Security with Snyk and AWS

  • Tuesday, 07 Dec 2021 1:00PM EST (07 Dec 2021 18:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: Anthony Seto, Field Director for Cloud Native Application Security at Snyk

Assessing applications for security risks and then remediating those risks at scale, without slowing down the development process, can be quite the challenge. Traditional security tools struggle to provide accurate and comprehensive visibility to security risks within modern application workloads, and typically weren’t built with cross-functional ownership in mind to prioritize and remediate risk findings.

As a result, AWS offers a suite of security assessment tooling to help organizations more efficiently interpret security findings, and partners closely with industry-leading vendors like Snyk to ensure the vulnerability data in these tools is timely, comprehensive and accurate.

In this session, we’ll review AWS security assessment findings and how best to interpret them. We’ll then show you how to use the Snyk Developer Security Platform to take action on those findings as an automated part of your development lifecycle.

Learning Objectives:

  • Overview of AWS security assessment findings and how to interpret them
  • How to use AWS services to automate ticketing
  • Remediating vulnerabilities using Snyk’s automated security controls