Leveraging the Critical Security Controls to Mitigate User and Asset-based Risk

  • Friday, 07 Feb 2014 1:00PM EST (07 Feb 2014 18:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Eric Cole, PhD, Michael Yaffe

Data breaches often begin with an attacker exploiting a single external vulnerability on a low-level system, and then capitalizing on privileges to gain access to critical systems and data. To defend against these threats, you need to discern the asset-based vulnerabilities that provide doors into an environment as well as the user privileges that present corridors to sensitive assets.

The 20 Critical Security Controls (CSC) have been proven by top public and private security agencies to effectively mitigate cyber threats. During this presentation, Dr. Eric Cole, SANS fellow and a key participant in the development of the (CSC), will focus on the 8 controls specifically designed to address user and asset-based risks.

You'll learn about:

  • The 5 Critical Tenets of an effective cyber defense system
  • The 5 Quick Wins that can deliver solid risk reduction with minimal hassle
  • Techniques for gaining a better understanding of vulnerabilities, privileges and other key points of exposure

You'll walk away with practical tips for leveraging the CSC to more effectively mitigate user and asset-based risk throughout your organization.