Let’s Get Serious: Protecting Industrial Control Systems is Mission-Critical

If you know, you know (IYKYK).Industrial Control System Security is serious business.A simple vulnerability or IP not blocked can mean idle production machines, lost Intellectual Property, a stalled supply chain, unhappy customers and partners, and yes, bad publicity that will adversely affect brand.None of it is good for business.

Whichever critical infrastructure sector you are in, from manufacturing, automotive, energy, chemical, water management, etc., you can always strengthen your foundational network security protections with purpose-built ICS firewalls and industrial-grade firewalls. The question is when and how?

In this session, SANS Instructor Dean Parsons, will:

- Use the Sliding Scale of Cyber Security to provide an ICS Maturity Self-Assessment Guide,

- Detail the ‘must-have’s' for a ICS Security Program, and;

- Introduce Chuck Tommey of Siemens to discuss how Siemens customers are utilizing SIEMENS SCALANCE S-600 for secure control system network segmentation, secure remote access, and functionality to centrally manage and update thousands of devices, including applying security patches.

Join us October 11, 2022 at 1:00ET for this interesting and informative session!