Industrial Control System Resilience

All 16 critical infrastructure sectors, including energy, critical manufacturing, water, and wastewater management facilities, and even cookie factories can benefit from a strengthened cybersecurity defense in today’s Industrial Control System (ICS) cyber threat climate. Active cyber defense starts with knowing what you have in order to apply appropriate and prioritized protections.

Establishing a solid ICS asset inventory is essential to a resilient cyber defense program for ICS that drives proactive threat detection, streamlined incident response on the “plant floor,” and reduced mean time to recovery.

Join SANS Certified Instructor Dean Parsons and Hexagon PPM Vice President Nick Cappi as they explore methods of asset identification in control system environments, and highlight a prioritized approach for ICS vulnerability management, focusing on consequences and rapid recovery for cyber defense programs across all industrial sectors.

What you will learn:

• The main methods for ICS asset identification

• The value of baselining a “known good” asset configuration

• Prioritizing vulnerability management for ICS security and lifecycle upgrades

• How ICS incident response forensic analysis reduces system recovery efforts

• How the Active Cyber Defense Cycle is a minimum in ICS Defense

• Value of a focused and regularly updated recovery plan

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