How does your incident response program stack up?

Join Red Canary’s information security and incident response experts to discuss the results of a recent benchmark incident response survey. In it, 500 security leaders revealed struggles with preparedness, detection, and response. The findings painted an illuminating picture:

  • Even if a cyber attack occurs, the vast majority (92%) of security leaders are not 100% confident in their organization’s ability to identify the root cause of an attack.
  • Containing threats is a struggle, with nearly half (46%) of organizations unable to contain a threat in less than an hour after the initial compromise.
  • Security leaders’ frustration with spending too much time on low level threat alerts is reflected in the majority (70%) of organizations dealing with 100 or more cybersecurity threat alerts every day.
  • Organizations plan on automating more of their incident response process, but nearly half face headwinds like a lack of in-house expertise (47%) and a lack of supporting technology (47%).

In addition to reviewing common challenges, the panel will discuss the key building blocks of a world-class IR program and how to prioritize them, so that security teams can continuously improve their capabilities.