Higher Education: Open and Secure? A SANS Survey

  • Tuesday, 17 Jun 2014 1:00PM EDT (17 Jun 2014 17:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Randy Marchany, Patrick Bedwell, Paul Asadoorian, Christopher Budd

Higher education has always balanced the need for open accessibility with the need to secure employee and student private data and internal data and networks. These institutions have been forerunners in enabling use of personally owned devices, given the open nature of campuses and the many such devices used by students, faculty and others.

Today, institutions of higher education are becoming more focused on granting more granular, but secure, access from a wider variety of mobile applications, a task that must be completed while protecting personal records, many of which are regulated by FERPA, GLB, SOX, ITAR, HIPAA and other regulations. Institutions must protect academic records, instructional and research data, including intellectual property accessed via student, administrative or research networks.

Although higher education IT groups may be forerunners in anywhere, anytime access, they've done so without the personnel, tools and financial resources that most commercial enterprises have at their disposal. How do higher education IT groups stretch their security dollars? What's their next focus in terms of protection?

Attend this webcast and find out how institutions continue to maintain a balance between the open nature of the academic world and the increasing security concerns and threats to sensitive and regulated data stored on a growing array of user devices. Based on survey responses, this survey will provide a benchmark for determining the state of vulnerability and the security of higher education IT assets and the sensitive data they may contain.

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