Healthcare Lightning Summit

  • Wednesday, 19 May 2021 11:00AM EST (19 May 2021 15:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Lance Spitzner, Doc Blackburn, Ryan Chapman

The targeting and theft of sensitive health information continues to be a challenge. Increased regulation combined with a dynamic threat landscape requires health care leaders to have a clear understanding of relevant legislation and how to measurably defend patient data and related systems. This Lightning Summit aims to provide a quick readout from leading experts and support you with practical advice for stopping even the most advanced attacks that may target your health care organization.

Talks include:

Overview and Intro - Doc Blackburn @DocBlackburn

Healthcare and the Human Risk - Lance Spitzner @lspitzner

Ransomware Defense 101: A Simple Action Plan - Ryan Chapman

Other speakers include Jeff McJunkin @jeffmcjunkin, Emily Miller, Jason Tugman @JasonTugman, and DJ McArthur @djmca5280.