Breaking Down the AV-Comparatives EPR Evaluation

In the latest Endpoint Prevention and Response (EPR) Test, AV-Comparatives rigorously assessed the ability of eleven endpoint security products. The evaluation considers a blend of endpoint threat prevention, ease of use and thoroughness of investigation and response capabilities. This ensures the evaluation reflects both security efficacy and total cost of ownership.

Join our upcoming webinar to get a better understanding of this comprehensive assessment and dive into:

The evaluation criteria for this EPR report.
How this test blends evaluation of prevention with detection and response capabilities.
The effectiveness of each product, including response actions, reporting and data correlation.
How Cortex XDR delivers industry-leading prevention and response with low total cost of ownership.

To see how today’s EPR vendors stack up and why Cortex® XDR™ was once again named a Strategic Leader - earning an unbeaten prevention and response capabilities score, register for this informative session.