2022 SANS Survey: Securing Infrastructure Operations

  • Wednesday, 02 Mar 2022 1:00PM EST (02 Mar 2022 18:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Matt Bromiley, Greg Franseth (Cadre), Kurt Johnson (Checkpoint)

Our 2022 Survey on infrastructure operations is designed to explore how organizations are utilizing cloud-native applications and integrating those applications within their security monitoring and response capabilities. We continue to see growth of adopting of cloud-native applications, but larger issues always remain. As we adopt and utilize more and more cloud-native applications, is the security team able to keep up with newer forms of telemetry, development processes, and the risks associated with cloud applications?

The problem is twofold when we consider that adversaries are lurking not far behind as more organizations move to the cloud. Seeking to find new ways to gain access to victim organizations, it is only a matter of time before adversaries find ample opportunity in misconfigured and/or insecure cloud assets. It is time for us to assess how organizations are enabling security teams to protect their cloud footprint. In this specialized survey, we will explore:

  • How organizations are utilizing the cloud
  • How teams develop and deploy cloud applications
  • What types of data the security team utilizes to gain visibility on and secure these assets

Sign up for this webcast with SANS Certified Instructor Matt Bromiley, who will review highlights of the associated paper and analysis of survey results here.



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