Moritz Thomas

Moritz developed an interest in hacking computer programs & video games during his Bachelor's computer science studies and soon acquired a distinguished set of skills in binary reverse-engineering. A few years later, he wrote his Master's thesis about conceptualizing and implementing a modular proxy for IoT appliances at NVISO. Right after his studies, he decided to join NVISO and embark on a journey into (mostly) offensive IT security.

Today, he is a senior IT security consultant and red teamer at NVISO ARES (Adversarial Risk Emulation & Simulation) where he coordinates and participates in research & development efforts. When he isn't infiltrating networks or exfiltrating data, he is typically knees deep in research and development, working on new techniques and tools in red teaming.

With more than 15 years of experience in programming, 5 years in binary reverse-engineering and two years in professional offensive IT security assessments, he feels like he is just getting started!

Headshot of Moritz Thomas