Enrique Alvarez

Enrique M. Alvarez is a Special Agent in the Cyber Branch of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s San Francisco Field Office. Enrique joined the FBI as a special agent in November, 2002. At the FBI, Enrique has supervised both counterintelligence and cyber national security squads. He is currently assigned to cyber task force at the Oakland Resident Agency.

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Prior to the FBI, Enrique worked at various Internet companies in San Francisco during the first dotcom boom, was a defense contractor in Los Angeles, and was an adjunct instructor at the Navy Postgraduate School in Monterey. Enrique also served as a U.S. Navy Reserve intelligence officer and retired in 2013 with the rank of commander. With the Navy, he served a combat tour of duty in Iraq between 2007-2008. Enrique holds an undergraduate degree from Stanford University in International Relations and a master’s degree from the Navy Postgraduate School in National Security Affairs. Quote: “The FBI’s Cyber Program depends on a collaborative, information-sharing centric partnership with the private sector – a model where information flows both directions. The FBI remains committed to the identification, pursuit, and defeat of malicious cyber actors and groups.”