Do you have that itch to want to solve a puzzle? Are you looking for that one bit of proof that you’ve got what it takes to be a true digital forensicator or incident responder? Have you got the heart to get into Digital Forensics? Find out now and level up with SANS DFIR courses.

“Having a drive to pull on every thread... to answer every what makes a good forensicator”

Matt Bromiley, SANS Certified Instructor

Do you have that drive to always question the who, what, where, when and how? Do you follow every lead, pull on every thread, to investigate every possible avenue?

Data breaches and intrusions are growing more complex. Adversaries are no longer compromising one or two systems in your enterprise; they are compromising hundreds.

A thorough understanding of several areas of digital forensics and incident response is required and that is exactly where SANS DFIR courses can help you improve your current skillset.

Test your current Skill Set

Want to see if you’ve got a good understanding on some of those digital forensics and incident response areas already? Take this short, fun test to challenge your knowledge and wits and see if you know more than you think you know. This isn’t an aptitude test, but it can give you a bit of guidance on what SANS course is best suited for you to take first.

Whether you’re seeking to maintain a trail of evidence on host or network sytems or hunting for threats using similar techniques, larger organizations are in need of specialized professionals who can move beyond first-response incident handling to analyze an attack and develop an appropriate remediation and recovery plan. Our DFIR Courses will teach you how to detect compromised systems, identify how and when a breech occurred, understand what attackers took or changed, and successfully contain and remediate incidents.

Digital Forensics Webcasts

“The instructor is excellent at sharing his real world experiences and case knowledge. That is what sets SANS training apart!”

FOR508: Casey McKnight, Dell EMC


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