The Level Up Roadshow is travelling across Europe and the Middle East. We are offering security enthusiasts and professionals the chance to get a taste of a SANS event, plus the opportunity to hear SANS instructors talking about what it takes to get into cyber security, and what makes a great digital forensicator, pentester or cyber defender. Attendees of the events can look forward to a 'retro game' themed evening, and the chance to ask industry experts their questions face to face – there is even limited edition SWAG!

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Check out our upcoming events below. If you’d like to join us, please fill out and register your details. Please note, if you are a student already attending the training event, you do not need to register.

Level 3 Talk : When Malware Goes Mobile, Quick Detection is Critical- Heather Mahalik
Heather’s talk will include an overview of her journey into security and her role today followed by a more technical talk ‘When Malware Goes Mobile’. Mobile Malware is often overlooked and remains undetected. Most IR cases involve mobile devices, yet our methods don't include the extraction and examination of these components.  In less than 30 minutes, Heather will demonstrate detection of malware on an Android-powered phone. Her easy to follow method also uncovers how the phone became infected in the first place. With this insight, you are empowered to understand and neutralize the threat. The rest is up to the examiner.
Paris Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel and Conference Centre

17 Boulevard Saint Jacques
Paris, 75014 FR

Level 2 Talk- Why it's easy being a hacker- Chris Dale
20 years and SQL Injection is still a thing. Why is it so hard getting things right? What seems to be the root cause of things, and are we getting any better? What if we simply copy-paste code from Stackoverflow? Using Google as aid? What about the techie books that teach us how to develop, and all the courses and institutions that promise us to code like a pro? In this talk Chris will zoom in on how mistakes are made, and why it can be so crazy hard to get things right.
Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel

Sonja Henies Plass 3
Box 9206
Oslo, N-0134 NO


Level 1: Individuals new to Security

Level 2: IT Professionals with basic computer and technical knowledge

Level 3: Practicing security professionals with experience

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