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DoS Step-by-Step: Defeating DDoS Credits

Revision: 1.4 - Date: 2000/03/23 16:05:35 GMT

Many thanks for the valuable contributions from all of the following:

  • Flavio Marcelo Amaral
  • Phil Benchoff
  • Eric Brandwine
  • Joe Carson
  • Mario Chiock
  • Francisco Jesus Monserrat Coll
  • Kelly J. Cooper
  • Patrick Darden
  • Jim Duncan
  • Anders Ellefsrud
  • Paul Ferguson
  • Charles. D. Fisher
  • Helmut Fritz
  • Greg Hankins
  • Andreas Haug
  • Craig Huegen
  • Gary Kessler
  • Neil Kirr
  • Deirdre Kostick
  • Joshua Krage
  • Christine Krause
  • Pawe Krawczyk
  • John Kristoff
  • Jeremy Laidman
  • Michael Lamoureux
  • Larry M. Koons
  • Kristoffer Lott
  • Gerald Maguire
  • Mudge
  • Doug McKillip
  • Alan Paller
  • BK Rogers
  • Gregg Rosenberg
  • Marc Silverman
  • Bruce Snow
  • Robert Stone
  • Aurobindo (Robin) Sundaram
  • TSB
  • Peter Van Epp
  • James R. Wamsley
  • Robert Ziegler

This document would not have been possible without the input from all the talented people listed above. Since this document is a "work in progress" I may have not had the opportunity to include all the input I have received yet, or may have mistakenly left you out of the credits. If you have been left off, please accept my apologies, and let me know at

Mark Krause