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DoS Step-by-Step: Disabling Directed Broadcast on Cabletron SSR

Revision: 1.4 - Date: 2000/03/23 02:52:31 GMT

Cabletron SmartSwitch Router (Yago/SSR) directed-broadcast is off by default but may be enabled. Search the router config file for the string "ip enable directed-broadcast" and remove it from the config file if found. For example:

grep "ip enable directed-broadcast" router_config

will find the string if present and a text editor can be used to remove the command from the config file.

To remove it from the running system:
log in to the console or a telnet port

telnet router
SSR xxxx System Software, Version y.y.y.y
Copyright (c) 1996-1999 Cabletron Systems, Inc.
System started on 2000-03-14 07:15:46

Press RETURN to activate console . . .

ssr> enable
ssr# system show active
Running system configuration:
     ! Last modified from
ssr# config
ssr(config)#negate ip enable directed-broadcast interface all
ssr(config)# Exit
ssr# copy active to startup