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SCT Immersion Academy Report

An Innovative Way to Hire Cybersecurity Talent

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The normal recruiting process doesn't always work for cybersecurity. The dramatic shortage of talent, the gap in hands-on skills, and the rapid pace of change to security threats, mean employers must find new ways to fill vital positions. SANS CyberTalent Immersion Academy is an innovative approach to quickly and effectively fill the shortage of skilled cyber professionals.

The SANS CyberTalent Immersion Academy program offers a range of models that

  • Quickly increase the number of certified professionals in the cybersecurity field
  • Provide meaningful employment and careers for U.S. veterans
  • Increase the number of women with the skills and certifications essential in the InfoSec industry.

SANS Academy program quickly and cost-efficiently meets the specific needs of employers seeking to discover, develop, and retain top cyber talent.

In 2015, SANS launched its first VetSuccess Academy, providing veterans with advanced technical training, GIAC certifications, and a pathway to employment and careers in cybersecurity. In 2016, we added our first Women's Academy for talented women seeking to enter the InfoSec industry. Tuition for veterans and women is free, with 100% scholarships funded by SANS and our partners.

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  • Gain access to pre-screened, qualified candidates and highly trained, certified graduates
  • Support U.S. Veterans by providing them with training, certification, and a path to successful employment and careers in cybersecurity
  • Increase the number of highly trained and certified female cybersecurity professionals
  • Find and hire trained and certified cybersecurity professionals faster, more reliably, and for less cost.

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