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Girls Go CyberStart

The Girls Go CyberStart 2018 challenge has ended. Thank you to the girls, advisors, and states who participated, the winners will be announced soon. In the meantime, learn more about ways to stay involved in cyber security, and sign up to receive news about future events here.

Girls Go CyberStart Student Feedback

"Thank you so much for inspiring girls to explore careers in computer technology, as a girl aspiring to go into computer programming or a similar field, it really means a lot to me, as I am terrified of encountering sexism in this field of work. Also, even if girls choose not to go into a computer-related field, thank you for helping provide a fun challenge to us."

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The CyberStart Program

CyberStart is a program featuring fun, technical challenges and games to inspire the next generation of cyber security professionals.

7 US State Governors enabled 3,450 students to discover their cyber security aptitude and attitude in 2017; 156 won scholarships.

244 Students wrote remarkable notes of thanks to those governors.


$25 Million Invested by the United Kingdom Using CyberStart to Develop 6,000 Cyber Warriors

5 GenCyber Camps and 1 High School are Demonstrating How CyberStart Helps Participants Overcome the Disheartening Aspects of CTFs

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