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SANS CyberStart

What is Happening in the CyberStart program?

16 Governors enabled 6,550 high school girls to play CyberStart

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Girls Go CyberStart in the news: Jobs in cyber security are exploding, but women aren't in the picture. Yet.

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7 Governors enabled 3,540 students over 16 years of age to play CyberStart

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The UK government opened CyberStart to all high school students in a $25 million program to find and develop elite cyber talent

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One teacher discovered how CyberStart overcomes the disheartening aspects of CTFs

CyberStart Game Features

What comes after CyberStart to place these talented people in important jobs?

CyberStart Essentials is the bridge course that ensures the technical foundations for success have been mastered.

Immersion Academies ensure the candidate has the skills employers are seeking.

Get Involved! Contact cyberstart@sans.org to learn how

What is CyberStart?