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SANS Internet Storm Center Incident Handlers Head to Baltimore for SANSFIRE 2015

ISC Handlers to Share Insight into the Latest Cyber Hazards

  • Bethesda, MD
  • April 14, 2015

SANS Institute, the global leader in information security training, today announced its annual SANSFIRE security training event to take place in Baltimore, MD June 13 - 20. SANSFIRE 2015 offers attendees the unique opportunity to hear from SANS' Internet Storm Center (ISC) handlers who volunteer their time to monitor the level of malicious activity on the Internet, particularly with regard to large-scale infrastructure events. Each evening, the ISC handlers will share their most interesting experiences about the newest cyber hazards.

"At SANSFIRE, our ISC handlers will showcase their diversity and breadth of experience. We will talk about botnets attacking the financial system, about Unix incident response outside of the usual set of modern Linux distributions. Ever wonder how coordinated botnet takedowns work? John Bambenek will tell you at SANSFIRE. Rob Vandenbrink on the other hand will introduce you to new software defined network technologies and how they can be turned against you," stated Dr. Johannes Ullrich, ISC Director and SANS Senior Instructor.

Attendees of SANSFIRE 2015 will be provided insight into ISC handlers' daily postings, podcasts, and data collection efforts during evening events focusing on current trends and actual relevant threats. Some of the highlights of this year's ISC-powered event include a talk by ISC handler Rob VandenBrink on Software Defined Networking/Attacker Defined Networking; John Bambenek will present The State of the Takedown: Disrupting Online Cybercrime; Gadi Evron will discuss Cyber Counter Intelligence and Deception: Toward Adaptive Defense; Kevin Liston will talk about "Network Security as Counterinsurgency" Replacing The Art of War with FM 3-24. Dr. Johannes Ullrich, ISC Director and Marcus Sachs, ISC Director Emeritus will lead a State of the Internet Panel Discussion.

All security training courses offered at SANSFIRE will directly address the kinds of incidents reported by the Internet Storm Center in their daily diaries. SANSFIRE 2015 courses will cover penetration testing and hacker exploits, security, management, wireless, forensics, secure coding, and much more. Attendees will be able to take what they learn during the training and apply it immediately upon returning to work.

For a complete list of courses, evening talks and ISC handlers, or to register for SANSFIRE 2015, please visit:

About the Internet Storm Center

For more than 10 years, SANS' Internet Storm Center has been providing free analysis and warning to the community on the latest cyber threats and internet security issues. The ISC is staffed by approximately 40 volunteers, representing 8 countries and many industries. The most prominent feature of the ISC is the daily "Handler Diary" which is prepared by one of the incident handlers and summarizes the events of the day. It is frequently the first public source for new attack trends and actively facilitates cooperation by soliciting more information to understand particular attacks better.

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