Global Leader in Cyber Security Training returns to Las Vegas at SANS Network Security Event

August 9, 2023 - SANS Institute, the global leader in cybersecurity training and certifications, is poised to celebrate a momentous milestone - the 30th anniversary of its premier Network Security event. In an era marked by rapidly evolving cyber threats and security needs, the event, running from September 6 - September 11, 2023, at the iconic Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada, will also be available online for worldwide participation.

This landmark event comes at a critical time when the world is witnessing a significant spike in sophisticated cyber-attacks. From crippling ransomware attacks that have disrupted supply chains to data breaches impacting millions of individuals, the need for skilled cybersecurity professionals has never been greater.

"SANS' 30th anniversary of the Network Security event is more than a celebration--it's a testament to the vital role cybersecurity professionals play in our society and the urgency of staying ahead in this ever-evolving field," stated SANS Fellow and Offensive Operations Curriculum Lead, Stephen Sims.

In light of these growing threats, SANS Institute has curated an unparalleled experience. It combines cutting-edge training sessions, thought-provoking security talks, and competitive events such as the SANS Offensive Operations Capture the Flag (CTF) competition, where the winner gets a free course giveaway.

Adding to the excitement, this year's event will feature the debut of NetWars Core Version 9, an immersive new challenge inviting participants to test their skills in real-world scenarios, including Azure command line, Azure cloud penetration testing, cyber threat intelligence, and network protocol analysis.

"Events like Coin-A-Palooza, where participants can earn multiple challenge coins, and the introduction of NetWars Core Version 9 aren't just about building skills-they're about building the confidence to use those skills in real-world situations. As cyber threats increase, so must our readiness to combat them," Sims emphasized.

SANS Network Security event in Las Vegas is far more than just a landmark event in cybersecurity training. It serves as a resounding call to action for all security professionals to elevate their skills, foster connections, and take the lead in the crucial mission of fortifying our increasingly digital world.

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