SANS Institute and Singapore's Home Team Science & Technology Agency Forge Strategic Partnership to Bolster Singapore's Cyber Defense Capabilities

  • SANS Institute (SANS) and Singapore's Home Team Science & Technology Agency (HTX) signed an MOU to strengthen their collaboration in developing Singapore's cybersecurity competencies by empowering HTX officers with the technical skills to deal with evolving cyber threats.
  • This will include participation in cybersecurity training courses, developing competency framework and training roadmaps, and Capture-The-Flag (CTF) competitions.

Singapore, Singapore, 24 November 2023 - On November 7, 2023, SANS Institute (SANS), entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Singapore's Home Team Science and Technology Agency (HTX). Through this collaboration, SANS and HTX seek to jointly develop and elevate the technical capabilities of HTX's cybersecurity officers.

In response to the escalating frequency and complexity of global cyber threats, HTX recognizes the importance of safeguarding its data and building up its cyber resilience. SANS's partnership with HTX will bolster the latter's initiatives to equip its officers with essential cybersecurity skills and ensure they stay abreast of the latest developments in the environment.

The two-year collaboration will see HTX officers undergo training aligned with SANS's proficiency training roadmap. This will include participation in cybersecurity training courses and Capture-The-Flag (CTF) competitions.

"In today's dynamic cybersecurity landscape, training and upskilling are crucial to staying ahead of evolving cyber threats. We are excited to partner with HTX to empower their officers with the skills and knowledge needed to defend against ever-evolving cyber adversaries. Through this collaboration, we look forward to not only enhancing the technical competencies of HTX's officers but also fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation. Our shared mission is to create a robust defense against cyber threats in the homeland arena, and we believe that by combining the expertise of SANS Institute with the commitment of HTX, we can make significant strides in achieving this objective," said Eric Bassel, CEO of SANS Institute.

The MOU also signifies the commencement of a multi-pronged partnership with HTX. SANS will play a pivotal role in customizing training roadmaps and competency frameworks tailored to HTX's requirements in the homeland space - ultimately fortifying Singapore's overall cybersecurity capabilities.

Teaming up with HTX's xCyber division, SANS is actively involved in developing an intensive Capture-the-Flag (CTF) program to further augment officers' capabilities. The strategic partnership will comprise tailored CTF training sessions to familiarize officers with the latest tools and techniques, as well as the organization of internal CTF competitions for team selections.

Following the MOU signing on November 7, 2023, HTX's xCyber division conducted its inaugural internal CTF competition. 23 HTX officers vied for a coveted spot in the CTF team, which is set to compete in the 2024 DEF CON Villages CTF and other similar events.

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